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Heritage Themed Easter Egg Competition

We really enjoyed admiring the many creative entries into our annual Easter egg decorating competition. Well done to everyone who took part in this creative home learning project. The theme of heritage was creatively interpreted by so many of our pupils.


Pokemon Tournament

Tension was building in P5 today, as the contestants were preparing for the Pokemen Tournament. Jack, one of our Pokemon Masters said “It’s been a lot to organise but it will be worth it” Adhi, the other Pokemeon Master added “The contestants need to focus on thinking ahead with their cards to win.”

It also inspired two of the girls (Shubhya and Sheree) who are not interested in Pokemeon to create their own trading game.

Originally no-one in the class particularly liked Pokemon except me (Adhi), Andrew and Adam but we turned the class around and now the whole class like Pokemon . Jack felt that Niamh and Dana participated very well as it was their first time playing.

Kids are inspired at Dalry Primary School!