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P1 Christmas Party

The P1s had a great party.

(Ho Ho Ho, a quick note from Santa’s camera helper! I do try to get pictures of as many of Santa’s friends receiving gifts as possible but time is tight and it’s not always possible to get them all as they rush in, jump around or hide behind Santa then rush out again in a blur. Apologies if your elf was one of these. Hopefully they are in the party shots)

Christmas Cinema Trip

We all got out of school on the annual Christmas cinema trip.

We headed up to Fountain Park with help from Bill the Lolly and lots of parents and enjoyed The Grinch.

Mrs Honeyman even gave her special hi-vis vest its yearly outing!

We would all like to say a special thank you to Parent Council for fundraising hard to provide a lovely Christmas snack bag for everyone, to all those parent helpers and also to Bill who stayed on to cross the children safely there and back.