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Roots of Empathy News Jan 2020

This month P2 is has been finding out about how babies sleep and how important sleep is for the baby and parents. We have had a another visit from Harry and his mum Kirsty and Jamie and his mum Maxine and the children were excited to see Harry and Jamie and see how much they have grown since we last weighed and measured them in September last year. Kirsty and Maxine shared with the children Harry and Jamie’s sleep pattern and how they have learned when their babies are feeling sleepy and need a nap. Also that as they are so young and doing a lot of growing, they need more sleep than the P2s need and we all require different circumstances to help us have a good sleep. The children sang some Scottish songs they have been learning for our Scots Assembly and Rock a Bye Baby. The babies really enjoyed the songs and watching the children performing the actions.

P2 really enjoyed learning about the different sleep cycles of REM and non-REM sleep and the different transitional objects that soothe babies and help them sleep. The children have enjoyed sharing their sleep experiences, dreams, how they sleep and their favourite toy or blanket that helps them to fall sleep. In addition the children discovered how parents safely put their babies down to sleep on their backs, how temperament and routine is different for every baby.

For more information please ask Mrs Harris-Toner, Miss McArthur, Mrs Chadwick and Mrs McDermot. Also check out our Roots of Empathy notice board in P2B’s classroom and

P1 and P1/2 Scottish Country Dance

As part of our Scotland topic we have been learning some of the key skills involved in Scottish country dancing. We can all now dance  a simple reel together and have really enjoyed listening to Scottish music during these sessions. We have loved teaming up with Blythe boys and girls from P1. Miss Low is a fantastic caller and coach!