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Phonics In P1/2

We have started to learn our initial sounds and have enjoyed discovering new ways to work on our motor skills, which will help us for our letters correctly. Some children are beginning to blend these sounds and read and create words all by themselves! 

The Tiger Who Came to P1/2

This week we have been busy in P1/2….Image.jpeg…exploring the book “The Tiger Who Came To Tea” by Judith Kerr.

The children all thought long and hard about why a tiger might want to come for tea and come up with some brilliant suggestions.

We have used our writing and drawing skills to produce shopping lists for Sophie and her Mum to replace all the food the tiger ate and also wrote thank you speech bubbles from the tiger.

The children loved making tigers during craft time. Have a look at our fabulous work! 

Settling into P1/2

All the children have settled into primary 1/2 brilliantly. They have really enjoyed getting to know their new classmates and becoming acquainted with their new classroom. We’ve also had loads of learning opportunities outdoors – have a look at some of our fabulous photos!

P1/2 Constuctions

The children in P1/2 have been planning, building and modifying very elaborate constructions this month. 

They love using our large bricks and often add to their designs using the other toys in class and the materials on our tool bench. 

Have a look! 

Technology Parent Survey

We are still seeking your responses to our August survey request to parents and carers.

The results of this survey are vital to our school COVID 19 contingency planning.

We need responses from parents and carers to this survey regardless of if you completed our previous survey during the spring lockdown earlier in 2020.

Please could you click the below link to access the post regarding the survey and the survey link.

Please can all parents and carers complete this short survey and complete one form per child.

If you need support to read this letter via translation into an additional language and to complete the survey please contact the translation service using this link