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P3 Health Week walk

In health week  primary 3 had a lovely walk along the canal and a play in Harrison Park during health week. We all enjoyed getting up close to nature and being out in the fresh air!

P3 Loose Parts Introduction

Primary 3 were learning about the world through creative play during their loose parts play session this week. We saw some engineers, explorers, inventers, beauticians, builders and problem solvers to name but a few!

Loose parts introductory sessions are going on throughout the school at present as we roll out our loose parts play programme.


P3b Chinese Culture Week Fun

The pupils took part in a great many activities during Chinese Cultural week and at the end of it, showcased some of their learning during an assembly. The children planned, prepared and performed the story of the Chinese Zodiac to pupil’s in Primary 2 and 4.

Well done to everyone for such a team effort and confident performance! We had some awesome narrators using scripts, amazing actors wearing masks that they had designed and made themselves and a props department who created a wonderful river and signs.

A special mention goes to Allan who had to step in at the very last minute to play the part of the Jade Emperor and did a brilliant job!

P3B Scots Week

Primary 3B have had a busy two weeks finding out about Scottish traditions and culture.

Over the weeks they have had a go at making their own tartan, found out about some famous Scots, learned and performed a poem in Scots and finished it all off with a glass of Irn Bru and piece of shortbread!

The children were particularly interested in learning about traditional clothing. Miss Low brought in a kilt, sporran, shoes and sgian dhu and Callum shared some photos of him wearing a kilt at his mum and dad’s wedding. Miss Low also brought in a Highland dance outfit which Saanvi modelled for us beautifully. After this, the pupils all had great fun making their own Scottish outfits!