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Roots of Empathy News

Last month P2 have been discovering how babies understand long before we realise, so it is very important to communicate and respond to babies. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit from baby Arthur and his mum, he was showing us how he communicates his feelings and wishes to his mum Miss Younger with body gestures, facial cues and making a variety of sounds. The children sang nursery rhymes to Arthur and created a book of their drawings which was presented to Arthur of their favourite rhymes and songs. In addition P2 were learning how to read baby Arthur’s emotions and this helps us to read each other’s emotions.

The next time Arthur came to visit we had previously been discussing how people are the same in many ways , buy there are also many ways we are different. Also P2 discovered we all have different temperament traits and every family is unique. The children wrote letters and created drawings to Arthur telling him what is important to them. When Arthur came to visit he enjoyed a snack in front of the children, food that he liked and a new food, this enabled the children to read Arthurs facial cues on how he felt about the food and when he had had enough. The children also noticed that his mum made positive noises when he ate, encouraging him to enjoy his snack and recognising the signs of when he was finished. 

Please check out our Roots of Empathy notice board in Mrs McDermot’s classroom and

P2B Chinese Culture Week

P2B today created their own dragons and listened to a legend about dragons.

We had the Panda Boxes this afternoon and the children worked in groups playing different board games and saying numbers and colours in Chinese.

They listened to different types of Chinese music, we compared the music and developed a dance from the different movements children came up with. It was lots of fun making up our own dance!

P2 Jupiter Artland Visit

The lucky children of primary 2 travelled by coach to the amazing Jupiter Artland last week.

Despite the cold weather, everybody had an absolute ball exploring this fantastic outdoor gallery and learning a lot about sculpture and the natural environment. After having lunch in the brilliant outdoor classroom the children enjoyed a workshop where they worked in teams to forage for materials from the natural environment to build rafts.

By the time we got back to school everybody was ready for a good night’s sleep!

P1 and P2 Christmas Party

The P1 and P2 classes all had a great Christmas party on the last full day of term.

They also had a special visitor….

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(a few of our P1 and P2 friends were a bit shy of Santa or a bit excited and too fast for our entirely ad-hoc and unofficial Santa snapper, so apologies if your child isn’t captured or didn’t quite face the camera.)