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Dalry’s Got Talent 2020 Showreels

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of the performers who have taken part in Dalry’s Got Talent 2020!

Thank you to the parents and carers as well who helped to record the wonderful performances and send them in. 

There was an incredible number of entries so I have had to create two shows! The first show is for the Nursery to P2 performers and the second show is for P3 to P7.
All of the performers will be receiving their prize in the post soon.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the shows!

Nursery to Primary 2:
Primary 3 to Primary 7:



Mrs Ewen

22nd June P7 Strings Lessons

Hello P7 strings players, here is a final set of lessons from Tess for the term.

Primary 7 E String Task Pack

E string tunes

E string notes


Ready Steady Go Now


Lil Liza Jane


Flying High


Carrion Crow

22nd June P6 Strings Lessons

Hello P6 strings players, here is a final set of lessons from Tess for the term.


E string notes

E string tunes

Primary 6 E String Task Pack


Ready Steady Go Now


Lil Liza Jane


Carrion Crow


Flying High


Fiddle Time


Ready Steady Go Now Practice


Fiddle Time Practice

22nd June P5 Strings Lessons

Hello P5 strings players, here is a final set of lessons from Tess for the term.

A string notes

A String tunes

Primary 5 Dalry A String Task Pack


This is D


C Sharp Now


Knock Knock


Here Comes B


Off to School


Wake Up


Get Abroad


Clear Blue Sky

22nd June P4 Strings Lessons

Hello P4 strings players, here is a final set of lessons from Tess for the term.


D string notes

D string tunes

Primary 4 D String Task Pack

This is G


Jogging in the city


Perfect Match


F sharp now


Venice and Vivaldi


Here Comes E




Missed It

Violin Home Learning Lessons

Hello to all Dalry Violin Players.

Miss Moran says hello and has sent violin home learning.

We are glad to say this will now be posted weekly.

We are currently working on a way for Miss Moran to take any questions the children taking violin already need to ask. For now if there is an urgent question about the lessons please send them to the school email inbox titled for Miss Moran C/O Mr Bennett.


Finger Jogging Tunes

Primary 4 Violin 25.5.20

Finger and Feet D String

Roller Coaster D String

String Band A String

Rain Rain A String

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star



Primary 5 violin 25.5.20

D string tunes

Fit as a Fiddle

Finger Tapping Cha Cha

Lost Shoe Blues

Missed It



Primary 6 violin tasks

G string tunes

The Mocking Bird

Listen to the Rhythm

Stamping Dance



Primary 7 violin tasks

Fiddle Time

A maj & super sprinter

Fiddle Time

Fiddle Time Practice Tempo

Easter Fun Grids

The teachers have been getting some more grids ready for you for the holidays!

But don’t worry It’s not extra learning (or teaching parents and carers). These are extra fun.

Below are some great ideas for having fun at home during these slightly strange holidays!

Early Level (P1 and P1/2)

Easter Activity Grid P1 and P1-2

First Level (P2, P3 and P4)

Easter Activity Grid P2-P4

Second Level (P5, P6 and P7)

Easter Activity Grid P5-P7

Music Fun

Easter Music Activities P5-7

Easterr Music Activities Nursery-P1

Easter Music Activities P2-P4


Keep Going with PE over the Holidays!

PE learning grid Dalry Early pdf

dalry 1st level PE Grid pdf

Dalry 2nd Level PE grid