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Sumdog Success for Harshu

Well done to Harshu for coming 3rd in the Edinburgh wide Sumdog Maths competition!

Well done to to all of P5/4 who cam 23rd out of the hundreds of classes across the city!

P3b Get the Measure of Measurements

P3 have been doing a lot of measuring lately. They were learning to measure using standard and non- standard units.

Then they were learning how to weigh objects using a variety of scales and estimating what objects were heavier or lighter.

P7 Maths Week Scotland

P7 had a fun Friday morning doing a rotation of mathematical games and solving word problems as part of maths week Scotland! These games are also available for them to take home and play as well as our Read, Write, Count resources.

Read Write Count Event

Thank you to all families who came along to last week’s fantastic Read Write Count event.

Dalry Sumdog Star Wins Edinburgh Contest

Congratulations to Rozalia in P4 for winning an Edinburgh wide maths contest on the learning game Sumdog.

In the contest the 3509 entrants from across the city had a week to answer 1000 maths questions.


Rozalia came first by answering an amazing 970 questions correctly.

Rozalia has won a certificate for her amazing achievement as well as 6 months of free Sumdog for her class!

Congratulations Rozalia!

Also well done to our other top 50 stars Juan in P3/4 who came 46th and Nell in P4 who came 49th.

Also well done to Akshaj, Samarth, Shriya and Harshu who all made the top 100.

P4 also made it to 10th placed class overall.

All children at Dalry have access to a Sumdog account they can use in school and at home on PCs and tablets. The programme learns their maths ability and tailors the learning to each child. So if you haven’t seen Sumdog yet get your child to login at (just remember not to help them with the answers! If you do it’ll keep giving them harder questions up to S3 level!)

Next week there is a national Sumdog contest. Let’s hope that all the great Sumdog stars at Dalry can do well there too.

P7 Flag Up Codes



Mr McDonald, Maths Teacher from Tynecastle High School delivered a maths lesson to Primary 7.


The focus of this lesson was cracking different types of code. The class started with semaphore before learning about Caesar ciphers and pigpen ciphers.


P2a Shape Detectives

P2a have been investigating the properties of 2d shapes.

We made some shapes in class and then took them on a shape hunt around our school grounds. Among others, we found squares, rectangles, pentagons and hexagons!

We’ve also been doing some vexillological shape finding. Looking at shapes in flags.

We will be looking for more shapes around our homes and local environments as part of our home learning tasks.