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P3 Further Forest Adventures

P3 have been enjoying further weekly trips to explore the world outside through our forest schools programme.

The highlights of their recent sessions are below.

Session 3

‘We all enjoyed building shelters this week. We had to work well as a team and when we were finished we were rewarded with hot chocolate!’

Session 4

‘We made a fire this week. Everyone had to help gather wood of different sizes. Once the fire was lit we had marshmallows- yummy!’

Session 5

‘Had lots of fun exploring the forest and kept warm with a game of follow the leader. We all made journey stick to remind us of the adventures that we have had.’

Session 6

‘Our last session was great fun. As it was Halloween, we made a giant spider’s web and everyone had to try to cross it without getting stuck! We all made tree spirits to say goodbye to the forest.’