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Moving up day

All children starting Primary 1 at Dalry Primary School in August were invited to our very special ‘Moving On Up’ day with their families. The children enjoyed a creative activity followed by a visit to our Primary 1 classrooms while parents and carers learned more about how our school supports all children to make a successful transition to Primary 1. St Martin’s Toy Library, the Childsmile Dental Health team, local Health Visitors and Gingerbread After School Care were also available to provide information about the services they provide and refreshments were provided by the Parent Council.


Edinburgh Schools Rock Ensemble

The whole school enjoyed a fabulous performance from E.S.R.E. (Edinburgh Schools Rock Ensemble) on Monday afternoon. This group of talented musicians attend high schools across the city and include Mrs Honeyman’s son Aidan who plays bass guitar with the band. E.S.R.E played a full set to the school and their finale was ‘Purple Rain’ which everyone danced and sang along to.

Sharing Secrets Arts Festival in Dalry

This weekend the Sharing Secrets arts festival comes to Gorgie and Dalry.

It’s a fantastic programme we are proud to support, with an amazing range of family activities for families.

Please do click through to the website for the festival and you’re sure to find something fun to do with the kids in the next week.

Don’t miss it, click here now for details.

Bilingualism Matters

Dr Vicky Chondrogianni, Deputy Director of the Bilingualism Matters Centre at the University of Edinburgh gave a presentation on‘What It Means to Learn More Than One Language in Childhood’ and hosted a question and answer session for over 30 parents and staff at Dalry Primary school on 31 January. Dalry Primary School is unique in having the highest percentage of bi/multi-lingual pupils of any school in Edinburgh, with over  20 languages are spoken in the nursery alone.
Dr Chondrogianni told the group that research complied by her and her colleagues at Bilingualism Matters has shown that bilingualism is beneficial for children’s development and their future. Children exposed to different languages become more aware of different cultures, other people and other points of view. But they also tend to be better than monolinguals at ‘multitasking’ and focusing attention. They are often more precocious readers, and generally find it easier to learn other languages. Bilingualism gives children much more than two languages!
What our parents said:
“The session was really very helpful for us”
“It really helped to get rid of doubts and questions we had”
“It encourages us to use our mother tongue at home”