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Dalry Days 2019/20

Another Dalry year is done,

We had days to play together,

modelling days,

on your bike days,

responsible days,

proud days,

thoughtful days,

outdoor days,

school trip days,

days to build on,

dancing days,

baby steps days,

spooky days,

Christmas days,

fantastic skills days,

clan days,

remembering your lines days,

part of the flock days,

choosing days,

transition days,

singing days,

international days,

Scottish days,

night out days,

team days,

Dalry team photo

VE days,

delicious days,

Picasso days,

difficult days,

eggsellent days,

thankful days,

ribbon days,

ups and downs days,

home learning days,

fancy dress Fridays,

together days,

achievement days,

goodbye days,

but most of all, in spite of everything we faced this year, we made sure we had Dalry Days.

See you in August!



Dalry Days 2018/19

Another Dalry year is done.

We had silly days,

Brighter days,

Communication struggle days,

Calm days,

showing our outside achievements days,

Spooky days,

Upside down days,

Every day, day in and day out, days,

Christmas days,

Best in Edinburgh days,

Bouncy days

Responsible days,

Poetry in motion days,

Geeky days,

Cakey Days,



Sporty days

Lucky days

Creative days,

Everything under control days,

Wellie days,

Recognition days

and last days,

but they were all Dalry days.