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Nursery Zoo trip for Chinese Culture Week

The snow cleared and the sun came out and we had a brilliant day at the zoo!

We actually got to see the pandas – they were amazing!  We saw so many other animals too and really close up – look at our photos of the lions, tigers – ‘ROAR’.  Alden is our very brave new friend of the lion!  After a whole day out we were really, really tired (some of us fell asleep on the bus!!!!)  but we had some great memories to take home with us!

P2B Chinese Culture Week

P2B today created their own dragons and listened to a legend about dragons.

We had the Panda Boxes this afternoon and the children worked in groups playing different board games and saying numbers and colours in Chinese.

They listened to different types of Chinese music, we compared the music and developed a dance from the different movements children came up with. It was lots of fun making up our own dance!

P7b Confuciousing Maths

P7B have been doing some revision of measurement to start off the new school year.

As part of some volume revision, we decided to do some building challenges using different landmarks from Beijing as our inspiration.

In pairs we set volume challenges, whereby we had to recreate popular landmarks with the correct volume specified by our peer. A challenging but fun way to learn about measurement!