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P7b Confuciousing Maths

P7B have been doing some revision of measurement to start off the new school year.

As part of some volume revision, we decided to do some building challenges using different landmarks from Beijing as our inspiration.

In pairs we set volume challenges, whereby we had to recreate popular landmarks with the correct volume specified by our peer. A challenging but fun way to learn about measurement!

Welcome to the P7B Pages for 2017-18

Welcome to the P7B page! We are keen and enthusiastic to take on the challenges of P7 and are preparing ourselves for the big move to High School next year.  Please stop by our page to take a peek at some of the things we are getting up to this year.

We are taking part in an IDL study of China this year to coincide with the opening of the Confucius Hub at Dalry Primary School. To help us understand where China is in relation to Scotland, we have been brushing up on our mapping skills and geography, using the atlases and globes to help us to identify the different seas and oceans, continents and countries within them.