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Changes to CHAI

As you may be aware,since the 2019 school summer break, CHAI will be focusing their Advice provision in South-West Edinburgh as part of the new ‘Maximise!’ project working with the WHEC Schools Cluster.  This means that CHAI have had to end their partnership with Dalry Primary School since the end of the Summer term. Although there will no longer be the usual fortnightly appointments available, Mrs Mason will be happy to support you to contact CHAI or you can  contact them independently on:


CHAI Advice Service: 0131 442 1009

CHAI Newsletter February 2019

Please use this link to access the latest CHAI Family Support and Advice Newsletter

CHAI are a local organisation offering help and advice on money issues. This newsletter focuses on universal credit but they are available to help on any financial issues you or your family struggle with.

More on CHAI can be found on our CHAI page, linked here and on our CHAI News Feed, linked here.

CHAI Update- August 2018

Hi, I’m Stella Farrell and I’m an Advice Worker at CHAI Advice Service.

I’m taking over from Beth Hardingham, whom some of you may have met previously.

CHAI stands for Community Help and Advice Initiative and we offer free and confidential advice on a variety of issues including welfare benefits, housing problems, debts and budgeting.

Perhaps you are worried about paying the bills or wonder if you are entitled to any extra financial assistance.  I will be available at school every second Wednesday from 9.30-12.30 so if you’d like to have a chat about any of your concerns, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment through the school office.

There is more information on CHAI at Dalry on our web pages here.