Dalry Elections 2020

Over the two weeks before autumn break Dalry was busy with our yearly elections.

We would normally have 2 assemblies featuring hustings but thanks to COVID-19 this year we had to do video hustings. All candidates had written passionate speeches putting forth their reasons for standing and the attributes and policies that would make them good for their role.

Any of our amazing candidates would have brought something special to the role, we were truly impressed with the way each and every candidate conducted their campaigns and we congratulate all of them on the hard work, thought and effort that led to the hustings and elections.

After these 2 weeks of campaigning via poster and video election day arrived.

Again this was unusual! We would normally have announced this at assembly but this year that was impossible, so Mr Linton and P5/6 stepped up to make the day extra special by running an election count themed announcement over teams.

Scenes at both the count and in classes were electric.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our clan chief teams are as follows…


Rishon and Xiu


Kayleigh and Maya


Zina and Karim


Alysha and Ghazal


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