Roots of Empathy End of Year Lockdown Update

Harry’s doing really well. He had his first birthday at the end of May and he had a zoom party with his family and friends, which he loved. He got lots of lovely presents including a toy piano with his name on it and a toy London Bus. He really enjoyed eating some of his birthday cake too. He’s getting very inquisitive and adventurous and loves being chased round the lounge. He’s not walking on his own yet but he can stand on his own, so he’s getting stronger all the time. He also knows his favourite teddy is called ‘Monkey Dee’. When I ask him to find it he scuttles across the floor and grabs him from out of the toy box. We still only have two teeth but Harry has been a little grumpy at night recently so I think more teeth will emerge soon. Harry really misses his Dalry primary buddies and hope they have a lovely summer. He hopes he can visit them soon!
Jamie turned 1 at the beginning of June which was an exciting day for us all. He enjoyed opening his gifts and playing with the wrapping paper! In the last month he has become very independent, his little character is really showing through. He knows what he likes!!
He eats almost every food, especially broccoli, strawberries and raspberries. He even eats olives!
Jamie is now standing for long periods of time on his own however he hasn’t started to walk yet. It will happen soon!! He had his one year vaccinations this week which help to keep him safe. He misses you all and sends his love xx

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