Monthly Archives: Jan 2019

The Sorries Assembly

On Monday we had our brilliant annual visit from folk duo The Sorries in celebration of Scots Week. This was arranged in conjunction with Soundstep workshops who also provided a bodhran drumming workshop for P7 and P3/4.

Thank you to The Sorries, Soundstep Workshops and to all of our student performers.

They led us all in traditional folk songs and were ably supported by singers from some of our classes.

We finished with a great whole school rendition of Auld Lang Syne

P7 Apple Store Trip

P7 were at the Apple Store on Princes Street this week for a coding workshop.

They learned to use the coding language Swift to control spherical robots called Sphero Balls.

They started by drawing a square on the floor before learning how to navigate mazes and draw more complex shapes.

Some of our team from last year’s Marty contest even progressed to programming in automatic navigation by sensor with an ongoing light show.

P7 Dungeons and Dragons Lunch Club

Some of our P7s have organised their own Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) club, led by Dungeon Master Adam.

Yesterday they were creating characters.

You can play D&D with little more than a few dice, paper and pencils.

It features maths, story writing and emotional learning.

You can try it yourself using information easily found online.

Good luck on your quests D&D club.