End of Term Arrangements

The end of this term is coming and the Christmas break is nearly with us.

Here is some key information to remember.

  • School ends on Friday 21st earlier than usual at 12PM
  • School returns on Wednesday January 9th
  • Please be sure that your child takes their PE kit home for washing. Their teacher will also remind them but if you don’t see it by the 21st be sure to get it.
  • Next school week there will be Christmas parties for each class. Ask your child and class teacher for more information on this.


There is, given the season, a chance that when we return it will be in snowy or other serious weather. If this occurs on return, or at any point in the winter, then updates on school closure will be found as follows.

  • Any closures will be announced by the council on www.edinburgh.gov.uk/schoolclosures
  • If you have given your details including mobile phone you will receive a text message at earliest announcement of any closure.
  • This Website will be updated.
  • The school twitter account (@Dalry1876)will be updated
  • The council twitter account will announce all news.
  • Local radio, such as Forth 1, will carry updates and announcements.

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