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P3 Further Forest Adventures

P3 have been enjoying further weekly trips to explore the world outside through our forest schools programme.

The highlights of their recent sessions are below.

Session 3

‘We all enjoyed building shelters this week. We had to work well as a team and when we were finished we were rewarded with hot chocolate!’

Session 4

‘We made a fire this week. Everyone had to help gather wood of different sizes. Once the fire was lit we had marshmallows- yummy!’

Session 5

‘Had lots of fun exploring the forest and kept warm with a game of follow the leader. We all made journey stick to remind us of the adventures that we have had.’

Session 6

‘Our last session was great fun. As it was Halloween, we made a giant spider’s web and everyone had to try to cross it without getting stuck! We all made tree spirits to say goodbye to the forest.’

Children in Need Bake Sale at Dalry Primary This Friday

This Friday P2a will be holding a children in need bake sale of items made by P2a and the staff.

If you would like your child to buy treats from the bake sale then please supply them with an donation of your choosing and they will be able to get something.

Last year’s sale raised over £260 and we would love to beat that total.

To learn more about Children in Need visit

Diwali Dalry Style

Dalry Primary’s early level children and families celebrated Diwali with a wonderful morning full of colourful costumes, dazzling dancing and marvellous music.

Children and parents put on a sensational showcase of talent for the nursery and Primary 1 children, their families, friends and staff.  Afterwards the children enjoyed a variety of Indian foods in their classroom.  Thank you to all the terrifically talented dancers and performers, the parents and staff who helped to rehearse the children and prepare the food, and of course a special thank you to the super school staff Mrs Roy and Mrs Dugal who made such a great effort behind the scenes to coordinate the event.

शुभ दीवाली
ਖੁਸ਼ ਦਿਵਾਲੀ
દિવાળી ખુશ
இனிய தீபாவளி வாழ்த்துக்கள்


Check Our Chess Team’s Success

Dalry Primary School first team won  Best P6/7 Intermediate Level Team at the Lothian Junior Chess Team Tournament on the 4th of November.

Team members were Adni (P7),Ashil (P6), Adam (P7) and Fabio (P7).
Dalry Primary entered a P5 and under Team for the first time they did really well and enjoyed their first tournament.
Earlier in the year two Dalry pupils, Ilamaran and Rishon received medals for winning matches at the October chess taster sessions.