Monthly Archives: Sep 2018

P7 Flag Up Codes



Mr McDonald, Maths Teacher from Tynecastle High School delivered a maths lesson to Primary 7.


The focus of this lesson was cracking different types of code. The class started with semaphore before learning about Caesar ciphers and pigpen ciphers.


Supporting Your EAL Child (English as an Additional Language) Session.

Mrs Samina Mustaq, our EAL teacher, met with parents whose children have English as an additional language.

She provide advice and answered the questions parents had about how they could support their child’s English and home language development during their time at nursery and at home.

Afterwards some of our feedback from the parents was:

‘A wonderful session for all other language parents’

‘The EAL Session was very helpful and encouraging’

‘The EAL session was really helpful – solved some of the questions we had’.