Message From the Skies

Many of you no doubt attended various Edinburgh’s Christmas and Edinburgh’s Hogmanay events during the holiday, but perhaps you weren’t aware that although the rides are packed away, not everything is over.

Message from the Skies has launched and is a free walking tour worth a visit. It runs from 5-10pm every evening till Burns Night. Even dipping into a few as you walk through the city centre will be inspiring with story, sounds, music, voices and graffiti art in 12 central spots. Real performance with  relevance and guts.

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay says: “See Edinburgh in a brand new light this New Year! Take a literary journey through the city, and read a new story: “New Year’s Resurrection”, by leading Scottish writer Val McDermid told through projections onto Edinburgh’s buildings and landmarks.”


The Herald – “Beginning at Parliament Square, the two-hour walking tour that follows gives voice to Ferrier, who, as we move through the places where she lived, wrote and died in, becomes a kind of animated vigilante for a host of similarly sidelined women writers. Ferrier’s extreme actions are eventually derailed by an intervention from the late Muriel Spark, who takes matters into her own hands with the sort of wit, imagination and directness that defined her own fiction.”

The Scotsman – excerpt: not only a tribute to a city famous for its dramatic clashes between elegant enlightenment and dark criminality, but a plea to resurrect the reputation of generations of women writers who have too often been forgotten, in the litany of Edinburgh’s famous male literary stars.

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