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Junior Road Safety Assembly

Our Junior Road Safety Officers Keven and Fabio led our road safety assembly to launch Road Safety Week.

We all enjoyed watching a video about safety when crossing roads, an interactive magic show and a quiz to help us to learn about Road Safety. They are also running a poster competition with the whole school with lots of prizes to be won for the most eye catching designs. Thanks too to Mr MacKay who supports the running of this pupil group.

Toy Sale Tomorrow

Parents are all invited to join Mrs Mason for a Breakfast Blether and a hot drink/pastry from 8.50AM on Friday 1st December.

Parents are then invited to our P7 toy sale where they can buy lots of fabulous brand new gifts and stocking fillers for 20p to £3.00. (Please bring your own carrier bags)


Children are also welcome to bring a donation to buy a cake at the Parent Council Bake Sale which will be running throughout the morning to raise funds for the library.

Nursery Weekly Learning- Week beginning: 27 November

Week beginning: 27 November

Hello Everyone!

What we are learning about:

St Andrew’s Day, Patron Saint of Scotland, Thursday 30 November

Our Story:                       The Gruffolo in Scots


Our Song/Rhyme:

Three Craws

Our Vocabulary Boost Word/s:

‘moose’      ‘hoose’     ‘favourite’

(the Scottish words for mouse, house)

Our Signalong Sign:

house/hoose     mouse/moose  favourite

The following activities will be taking place:


Tuesday:           Individual and Family Photographs

Wednesday:      Trip to Fire Station for Blue and Orange Groups

Thursday:                 St Andrew’s Day


If you would like further information please speak to a member of staff.

Education Bill- Government consultation

The Scottish Government is drafting an education bill to improve education in Scotland by giving greater autonomy and decision making powers to both schools and headteachers.

Amongst other measures the bill will seek to

  • Establish a “Headteacher’s Charter”.
  • Improve parent and carer involvement in school life
  • Establish regional Improvement Collaboratives.

The Scottish Government are consulting parents on implementing this plan.

If you wish to know more or to respond to the consultation then it is available on this link.