P3 Freedom of the Forest

Primary 3B have been having a brilliant time in the Forest on Wednesdays and this week they were inspired by National Poetry Day 2017 to compose their own poem.

The theme of this year’s National Poetry Day is ‘Freedom’ and the boys and girls felt that this was a perfect theme for describing their explorations and adventures at Forest Schools.

I hope you enjoy their poem!

Freedom of the Forest

I see with my eyes,

Sun shining in the sky,

Floating seeds drifting by,

Tall trees pointing to the sun,

A secret path to paradise.

I touch with my hands,

Prickly plants, ouch on my skin.

Soft leaves, nice moss.

Hiding in trees that tickle me,

Rough rocks and slippery mud.

I taste with my tongue,

Blackberries so ripe and yummy,

Watch out for the red ones – so sour!

Hot chocolate, sweet, chocolaty and yummy.

I smell with my nose,

Fresh air all around me,

Flowers like dandelions,

Plants that smell good,

Hot chocolate and berries.

I hear with my ears,

Tweeting birds, singing in the trees.

Shaking trees, the wind blowing the leaves.

Swishing, crunching, splashing footsteps.

Bees buzzing next to me.


By Primary 3b

1 thought on “P3 Freedom of the Forest

  1. Stephen Palmer

    Well done P3. I enjoyed every word and each picture. I felt more free afterwards, I looked and listened and sniffed more keenly. Thank you.



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