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Autumn Produce

We have been learning about the fruits that are harvested in autumn.  We had apples and dried apple rings, plums and whole prunes (which are dried plums) and pears and pear spread on our bread for our snack.  Yummy!  We also talked about which of these foods we ‘liked’ and ‘didn’t’ like because we are learning to make the Singalong signs for these words.  Great learning everyone!

Nursery Weekly Learning- 25th September

Week beginning: 25 September

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Hello Everyone!

What we are learning about:

Early Autumn Seasonal Changes and Produce

Harvest and Giving

Making Bread and Eating Different Types of Bread

Our Story:                       Zed’s Bread

Our Song/Rhyme:   (see words attached below and find on YouTube

Bread and Butter

I Love Making Bread


Our Word Boost Word/s:     Mixing


Our Signalong Sign:         Bread   Eat


The following activities will be taking place:

Monday:           Big Sing, 2pm – 3pm, all family and carers welcome



Thursday:   Harvest Celebration, St Martin’s Church – all welcome

Donations of tinned and packet foods welcome for those in need


If you would like further information, please speak to a member of staff.

Bread and Butter Hello (or Goodbye) Song


Bread and butter,

Marmalade and jam,

Let’s say hello

As quietly as we can.

Hello! (Say quietly)


Bread and butter,

Marmalade and jam,

Let’s say hello

As loud as we can.
Hello! (Say loudly)

Other Verses:

Let’s say hello
As quickly as we can.
Hello! (Say very quickly)


Let’s say hello
As slowly as we can.
Hello! (Say very slowly)

Let’s say hello
As high as we can.
Hello! (Say in a high-pitched voice)


Let’s say hello
As low as we can.
Hello! (Say in a deep-pitched voice)


I Love Making Bread

I got flour, yeast, salt, water and oil

I love making bread


I punched it, squashed it, stretched it and squeezed it

I love making bread


I shaped it, patted it, baked it and waited

I love making bread


I cut it and smelled it

I buttered it and tasted it

I love making bread

P7b Going Outside and They May Be Some Time

P7 visited the National Library of Scotland this week to learn about Ernest Shackleton and his treacherous expedition to the Antarctic.  This ties in with our Health and Well-being focus of ‘Resilience.’

Our group leader Callum knew lots about the topic and was able to answer every question we had.  He gave us an opportunity to wander round the expedition, take photos and take part in some drama related to the background story.

The end result of this wonderful visit was a P7B silent movie starring US as Shackleton’s crew, heading off on ‘Endurance’ to the Antarctic, failing and then being finally rescued.  What a fantastic day we had!!

More Red Note Ensemble

Further to our post about the recent Visit from the Red Note Ensemble here are some more photos of the performance they gave for P6.

P6 had a wonderful visit from the Red Note Ensemble, who are touring Scotland this month. They are all accomplished professional musicians who use their music to tell stories which inspire us to imagine journeys. What an amazing opportunity to have live music played just for us!