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Welcome to the P7B Pages for 2017-18

Welcome to the P7B page! We are keen and enthusiastic to take on the challenges of P7 and are preparing ourselves for the big move to High School next year.  Please stop by our page to take a peek at some of the things we are getting up to this year.

We are taking part in an IDL study of China this year to coincide with the opening of the Confucius Hub at Dalry Primary School. To help us understand where China is in relation to Scotland, we have been brushing up on our mapping skills and geography, using the atlases and globes to help us to identify the different seas and oceans, continents and countries within them.


Red Note Ensemble Visit

On Wednesday the school was lucky to recieve a visit from a quartet of members from The Red Note Ensemble.

Since its formation in 2008, Red Note Ensemble has taken up a leadership position as Scotland’s contemporary music ensemble, performing and developing both an extensive, highly-varied and critically-acclaimed programme of new music.”

The quartet performed for P6 and P5 in their classrooms, bringing the pupils into contact with pieces by Janáček and Shostakovitch, amongst others.

Many members of P6 and P5 were visibly enthused by the experience, referring to it afterwards as “extreme” and “exciting”.


Thank you very much to the Red Note members for their kind visit.


Dalry Assembly Programme 2017/18



Monday @ 1:15PM  


Sharing learning and presenting to others is a key learning experience for our children. All pupils should have the opportunity to take part in a class assembly during the year. We hope to share our School Values, develop an understanding of Respecting Children’s Rights, aspects of Health Education, particularly building resilience and the work of school groups. We also celebrate whole school events and any fund raising focus. We have community partnerships with St Andrews and St Georges, Gorgie, Dalry and Stenhouse Church and St Martins Episcopal Church who support our assembly programme at Harvest, Christmas and Easter. We work closely with our local ministers and aim to reflect and celebrate all Faiths. We aim to reflect the diversity of our school community in the widest sense through including celebrations of all world religions throughout the year.


DATE Class or Leader Topic/Theme
21st August SMT Welcome Back and Values Assembly
28th August MM Building Resilience Launch Assembly ‘Be Resilient’
4th September SMT/Donna Big Sing – Level Teams Numeracy/Maths Overview/benchmarks

(Active Schools/Judo Input – Keep Active Theme)

11th September NSPCC NSPCC Assemblies AM


25th September SMT/Donna Big Sing – Parents Consultation Appointments
2nd October MM ‘Be Resilient’ Sharing Assembly
9th October Rachel Cooney and P3a/P3b Harvest and Food Bank Collection for Salvation Army

Gorgie, Dalry and Stenhouse Church and P3a and P3b Class Assembly

30th October MM Building Resilience Launch Assembly ‘Keep Connected’
6th November SMT/Donna Big Sing – Level Teams Literacy Overview/benchmarks
13th November Clan Chiefs + Vanessa Children In Need


20th November JRSOs + Elaine Road Safely Assembly
27th November P6


P6 Class Assembly
4th December MM ‘Keep Connected’ Sharing Assembly
11th December P1 and P2 Teachers Nativity (Dress rehearsal)
Fri 22nd December Minister Christmas Service St Martins of Tours Episcopal Church Dalry


15th January MM Building Resilience Launch Assembly ‘Respect Yourself’


22nd January


Tuesday 23rd January

Scottish Opera using hall




Scots Week Launch Assembly with the Sorries TBC

29th January SMT Scots Sharing assembly


5th February TBC Chinese Culture Week Launch Assembly


19th February SMT and Donna


Big Sing – Literacy/Numeracy Benchmarks – Planning for Assessments
26th February MM


‘Respect Yourself’ Sharing Assembly
5th March


P5 and P5/4 P5 and P4/5 Class Assembly
12th March


SMT and Donna Big Sing – Parents Consultation Appointments
19th March


P1a and P1b P1a and P1b Class Assembly
26th March


Ministers Easter – St Andrews and St Georges TBC
23rd April MM


Building Resilience Launch Assembly ‘Challenge Your Mindset’


30th April


SMT and Donna Big Sing – Literacy/Numeracy Benchmarks – Planning for Assessments
14th May


P2a and P2b P2a and P2b Class Assembly
28th May


MM ‘Challenge Your Mindset’ Sharing Assembly
4th June


P4 P4 Class Assembly
11th June


Nursery Team EID Celebrations and Festival Nursery Assembly
18th June


TBC Edinburgh Schools Rock Ensemble Performance TBC
25th June P7a and P7b


P7a and P7b Leavers Assembly

Tea Party for school volunteers/Parent Council Members etc

Each class/stage to takes an assembly slot with own choice of theme (In bold above). Parents will be invited to see the assembly either in the hall or classroom during that week.

Murrayfield Wanderers FC Minis: New Season

Local children’s rugby club Murrayfield Wanderers FC Minis returns this Sunday, 27th August, from 12noon- 1.30pm.

All new and existing members welcome, even if you haven’t played rugby before, come and give it a TRY! For more information please follow the link to our website.