Nursery Newsletter – Term 1 2017/18


         Nursery Newsletter – Term 1 – 2017/2018


Dear Parents and Carers,

Hello and a big welcome to all our new children and those children who are returning to nursery after the summer break. We will be sharing some information with you each term through our ‘Nursery Newsletter’.


New Staff

The nursery is growing and so is our staff team! This year we are delighted to welcome Mrs Angela Brown and Miss Kirsty Moss who join us as Early Years Practitioners. Miss Emma Barclay will be in the nursery until Christmas and is employed through the City of Edinburgh Council’s Early Years Practitioner Trainee Programme.

Parental Involvement

At Dalry Nursery Class we see Nursery Education as a partnership and welcome the involvement of parents/carers. You will soon be receiving information about our Parent Programme and we hope you can join us for some of the sessions we have planned. You are also welcome to spend a session with us in the nursery once your child is settled. We provide many other opportunities for you to take part in activities in the nursery including: monthly ‘Big Sings’, cooking and baking, gardening and trips. If you have a skill you would like to share with us, please let us know. The children really enjoy having their parents/carers join them for activities in the nursery. Pease take the time to look at our noticeboards where you a will find out more about ‘life’ in the nursery and the wider community and see examples of the children’s work. The school Parent Council meets regularly and new members are always welcome. If you are interested in joining contact the School Office.

Giving your views and suggestions

The easiest way to get involved in the life of the nursery is to tell us what we do well and what we could do better. There are many ways you can do this throughout the year including completing questionnaires, commenting online on your child’s Learning Journal profile, completing a comment/suggestion form or talking to us directly. We’re always happy to hear your views and will keep you informed as to how we use them.

Learning Journals

All parents should receive log-in details to access their child’s Learning Journal on-line. Please remember there is a space where you can contribute your own comments and contributions and upload your own contributions too, these help us to work in partnership with you to support your child’s learning. If you have any queries, ask a member of staff.

Ambition and Achievement Tree

We like you to be able to share your child’s ambitions and the achievements they have made at home, however big or small, from putting on their shoes to learning to ride their scooter or tidying up their room. We a lovely ‘Ambition and Achievement’ tree on one of the display boards in the hallway. We decorate this tree as we pass through the seasons. When autumn arrives soon we will be covering the tree with autumn leaves. We would like you to take one of these leaves and complete it with an ‘I would like to . . .’ and ‘I can . . .’ statement about one of your child’s ambitions and achievements, add their name and date and pin it to the tree. You will find what you need: leaves, pens and tacks, at the notice board. Enjoy it!




Boosting Your Child’s Language and Communication

Evidence has shown that children’s language and communication, along with and many other cognitive skills too, can be boosted by using sign language with speech, introducing new words to their vocabulary and regularly talking, reading and singing with children. Please look at our noticeboard, website or your child’s Learning Journal page where you will find our ‘Story, Song, Sign and Word Boost the Moment’. If you would like to know how to make any of our signs or to find out more please ask a member of staff.

Bedtime Stories

The nursery runs a ‘Bedtime Stories’ lending scheme. A bedtime story is a great way for your child to develop a love of books and reading. A bedtime story can also help your child to get ready for sleep as part of their bedtime routine. ‘Bedtime Stories’ available in the nursery hallway. Using ‘Bedtime Stories’ is easy, just talk to a member of staff or take one of our ‘Bedtime Stories’ leaflets. If you would like to help us run our ‘Bedtime Stories’ scheme please speak to a member of staff.

Jackets and Shoes

Dalry is a health promoting school and the children have regular opportunities to play outside. The Scottish weather can be very changeable and therefore it is important to be sure your child has appropriate outdoor wear, such as a warm waterproof jacket, as autumn approaches. Please write your child’s name inside their jacket. Each child also needs named pair of Velcro gym shoes which will stay in the nursery.

You can greatly assist us, and help your child to become independent, by teaching them how to put on their coat and change their shoes by themselves. Shoes with a Velcro fastening are the easiest for children to manage at this stage. Please avoid shoes with laces and buckles.


A healthy snack, with water and milk to drink, is available every day. Our snack menu is on display above the register. We would like our snack to reflect the foods choices needs of you and your child. If you have any suggestions about foods we could include in our snack menu or your child has special dietary needs please let us know. You are welcome to help us prepare snack with the children – just speak to a member of staff. Mrs Crilly is available to collect snack/toy fund money on Monday and Friday – £2.50 (full day attendance) or £1.50 (mornings only attendance). You can pay for several weeks or termly in advance.

Birthday Parties

We celebrate children’s birthdays by making a cake with them in nursery and having a party in the classroom with their friends. Please do not bring sweets or party bags as some of our children may not allowed these.

Personal Possessions

We ask you to please discourage your child from bringing precious or valuable playthings to nursery. In a busy class, it is not possible to keep track of special, expensive toys which may end up lost or broken. There are scooter pods and bike racks in the school playground.

Contact Details

It is very important that we can contact you during the nursery session if necessary. Please make sure that we have up to date details of your address and telephone numbers and that you leave your mobile phone on always while your child is at nursery.

Find Google Translate at:


If you have any comments or questions, please speak to a member of staff.

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