Primary 6 Camp 2017

P6A and P6B joined up for a fantastic adventure to Bonaly Camp at the end of May. We enjoyed a three day, two night residential camp in the Pentland hills and enjoyed a challenging range of outdoor activites, including Archery, the Crate Stack, Climbing, the blindfolded Nightline challenge, the Mohawk Walk and Bushcraft Skills.
Pupils also enjoyed free time in the open air, team games and a campfire singalong. Needless to say, the dorms were noisy and full of fun! Mr Linton’s ghost stories and Mr Devine’s “lullabies” did little to help anyone sleep! The pupils met the challenge of tackling new skills and of looking after one another admirably – it will all last long in our memories.

What the pupils said:
“Crate stacking was amazing fun, though I got a wedgie from the harness when I was hanging in the air” Aiden
“It was great to be outside with my friends a lot.” Erin
“Bunking in our dorms and having a wild time!” Natasha
“Marshmallows!” Willow
“I loved Mr Linton’s creepy stories.” Mohammed
“Not being able to fall asleep and eating all the sweets.” Zoe

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